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Hygizone Touchless Cistern HC421 – Masonry Concealed Cistern

R3144,75 incl VAT

SKU: HC421


HZ.Brochure.Concealed Cistern.201909

HZ.Brochure.Touchless Flush Plates.201909

This concealed cistern is Sensor operated and requires the Hygizone Touchless Actuator HPE100.

The unit requires a 220V power point provided by an electrician.

Includes a IP24 rated 220/12V power supply.

Integrated spout for connection to Hygizone Odour Extraction for the most hygienic solution.

6 & 3L dual flush feature ensures the most efficient use of water.

80mm ultra-slim unit fits within a single skin of brickwork.

6 mounting points.

Includes a plaster mesh.

Can withstand a weight of 400kg.

Suitable for: Wall-hung toilet.

Operating plate position: Frontal.

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